Welcoming the Podcast Women Talk Tech on Marketing CoPilot Radio

The Women Talk Tech Podcast on Marketing CoPilot Radio

The newest addition to Marketing CoPilot Radio is the Women Talk Tech podcast. This podcast comes at such an appropriate time, where women are using their voices as they never have before. This podcast is not just another business podcast but is an important movement that provides visibility into the state of women in the technology sector. Each episode is a new story of a woman who has had to overcome challenges and biases in order to be successful in a tech career. Women Talk Tech podcast discusses the hard topics and brings to light the current challenges women are facing today in North America. You will listen to advice for how best to tackle the technology industry as a woman and why it is so important to get more women in tech.

To us “tech” is not simply computer coding or building software but includes all women who interact with the digital landscape. We welcome all women in digital marketing, online selling, computer science, CEOs of tech companies, software account managers and everything else to submit to be a guest.

Stay tuned for these episodes coming soon!

  • We are ALL Computer Science with Adrienne Power, Canadian Olympian and Dalhousie University Faculty Member
  • A career is tech is not scary with Ashley Trudeau, IT Distributor
  • From electric typewriters to PCs with Catherine Bradley, Tech Exec.

Click here if you or someone you know would like to tell their story and advice of being a woman in tech or what they are doing to promote women in tech.   

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