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Marketing Copilot® Workshops that Grow Revenue

Value Proposition Workshop

Marketing Copilot® has been running Value Proposition Workshops for more than 20 years. Our unique methodology brings sales and marketing teams together to land on messaging that drives revenue.

Conducted with customer-facing employees and leadership members of your company, these two-hour workshops help solidify your value proposition and confirm your unique value in the market. The Value Proposition Report created following the workshop gives direction to your marketing content and creates a trajectory unique from your competition.


If we don’t know what our ideal customer cares about, how can we create content that appeals to them? Documenting your buyer personas is an important element to executing marketing that drives revenue. During this two-hour workshop, we identify who buys from you and why. We then craft a report that allows you to create the right content at the right time for your ideal prospects.


Having an outside set of eyes to review your products and positioning in the market is an important element of building the right go-to-market strategy. Marketing Copilot has extensive expertise in the technology, professional services and manufacturing sectors. This two-hour workshop delves into the differentiation of your product and services and raise to the top the elements required to support your go-to-market strategy.


Wondering how well your web presence is performing? Let us help you review and provide recommendations on how to improve your website and your online tactics. During our health check, a live human being will review your analytics, all content on your website, social media presence, SEO strategy and conversion strategy. The Digital Readiness Report provided by our team will give you solid guidance in how to improve to attract your idea customers.

The Growth Formula Webinar