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Get marketing automation working in your business for better lead management.

The Marketing Automation Planning

Marketing CoPilot has worked with many clients and partners who are trying to make the most of their marketing automation tools. They may currently have a product sitting in front of Microsoft Dynamics or about to choose one. Regardless of their state of maturity with marketing automation, this workshop will help guide people through the steps you need to take to inform the creation of content and conversion tactics that will improve marketing automation for your business and create a lead management process that drives better sales results.

About Our Workshops

Our workshops are customized to the company and the stage they are at with marketing automation whether they are beginners, intermediate or advanced users of tools and strategies. We conduct these workshops that include key stakeholders from sales, marketing, customer service and the technology team. In our workshops we cover a range of topics such as:

  • How to choose the right marketing automation tool or audit an existing product.
  • How to build content by buyer persona type and map the buyer journey.
  • How to improve conversion on your website and ensure it is tracked and measured correctly in your marketing automation tool and CRM.
  • How to set up better workflows for improved engagement.
  • How to identify the right set of metrics to measure if your program is working.

Workshop Fees:

Workshops start at $3,000 USD and are planned in collaboration with your marketing and sales team to improve workshop outcomes. Workshops run half-day, full-day or two-day sessions depending on how deep you want to dive into your content plan and marketing automation workflows.

What we need to get started…

We require a 60-minute planning call to discuss your business goals, stage of marketing automation maturity, the workshop format and participants. Following our planning call, we can confirm workshop pricing and timing.

Workshop Facilitator

Marie Wiese is a 30-year veteran of strategic marketing and currently works in the Microsoft channel with marketing automation products that sit in front of Dynamics.

You can learn more about Marie at or at

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or call 416-436-7931.