Zombie Apocalypse: 4 Survival Skills for Writing a Great Blog Post

Zombie Apocalypse: Survival Skills for a Great Blog

I’m a 39 year old mother of 2 with a responsible job. But when it comes to my taste in movies… I’m a teenage boy. I love buddy comedies, action thrill rides, raunchy comedies, and best of all – zombie movies.
While I was on the couch the other day, munching on some salty snacks and enjoying the latest zombie apocalypse flick, I got to thinking… we can learn a lot from zombie movies and believe it or not, we can apply those juicy blood-soaked tidbits to writing great blog posts.
Writing a great blog post is survival of the fittest. The blog needs to be interesting, informative, pique the reader’s interest and impact the reader enough that they will want to share it.

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In order for your blog to survive in a sea of other blogs, it needs to be equipped with survival skills not unlike those needed to survive a zombie apocalypse:

You Need the Right Tools

A handy weapon-of-choice: a software tool that makes it easy to write. I use WriteMonkey but you could also try Dark Room, Write Room or even Wordpad.
The Daryl’s Crossbow of blog-writing weapons: a keyword research tool. You will want to ensure your blog has the best keywords to attract the right visitors. But remember that the quality of the content is the most important thing – the keywords are secondary.

Your Title is Like Fresh Meat

Zombies are more likely to run towards a bleeding man because it is attracted by the scent. You want your readers to be attracted by the great title, great keywords and the quality of your content. For example:

  • Good: Writing a Great Blog Post,
  • Better: 4 Survival Skills for Writing a Great Blog Post,
  • Best: How The Walking Dead Taught Me to Write a Great Blog and Survive

Zombies are Attracted by Noise

As with zombies, the more noise your blog makes, the more visitors will come to see what’s going on. So, share it on LinkedIn and Facebook, tweet it and encourage sharing – the more people who know about it, the more people will follow. Tip: Make social media icons easily accessible on your blog post pages.

The Dead Will Walk Again

Zombies are the walking dead. They have come back to life again and so can an old blog. Link to it from a new blog. Share it in relevant social media discussions. A dead blog post can come back to life and drive relevant traffic once again. Tip: In an email, include old related blog posts which will drive traffic anew.

So, next time you sit down to write a blog post, I hope you think about how all those hours of watching The Walking Dead will pay off and help you produce a relevant, quality blog post that visitors will die for.


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