You Can’t Be Everywhere – A Common Sense Approach to Digital Marketing for Any Business

digital marketing book you can't be everywhere

[Toronto, ON] – [September 22, 2016.] The world of marketing has changed drastically over the last 5 years and it continues to evolve on a daily basis. With so many ways and places for small and medium businesses to promote their content it’s difficult for business owners and CEOs to know with certainty what to do and what to invest in.
“Too many companies are getting lost in a sea of options—but it’s simply not possible to be everywhere and do it all well.” says Marketing CoPilot founder and president Marie Wiese in You Can’t Be Everywhere.
The key to a successful marketing strategy today is delivering the right content, at the right time, in the right place, for the right audience.
“What awesome insight! Marie has an exceptional ability to distill complex information into a simple and strategic approach that drives real results. These concepts have been proven in hundreds of small businesses to implement revenue growth.”
Lisa Kember, Serial Entrepreneur and Regional Director, Constant Contact
In You Can’t Be Everywhere, Wiese offers her well-tested insight on how to navigate the realm of content marketing and become a savvier marketer. Through personal stories and no-nonsense advice, Wiese shows how any company can conquer the digital space and craft extraordinary strategies and customer connections.
You Can’t Be Everywhere takes out all of the guesswork by:

  • Revealing the secrets behind creating an impactful, measurable, and captivating marketing program
  • Outlining a simple marketing approach based on common sense
  • Helping small and medium business owners and CEOs create a road map that shows them what they need to do in order to connect with the right audience and attract the right sales leads

About the Author
Marie Wiese is founder of Marketing CoPilot, a leading Canadian digital marketing agency that has been helping companies increase sales using digital and content marketing since 2003. She is also an Executive-in-Residence at the Innovation Factory, a keynote speaker, a mom and a writer.
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