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Weekly articles about digital marketing and lead generation to help you pump up your program…

The Most Important Marketing Tasks for 2018

The 2 most important things every Marketer should have on their “to do” list: A study recently suggested that of the hottest digital marketing trends in 2017, social media and content marketing were two that would continue to have a great impact in 2018....
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How to knock out your competitors in 2018

As we step back and reflect on 2017, we saw some epics fails in the marketing world. Pepsi took a hit this year and lost 3% of North American sales to Coca-Cola because they severely misunderstood their audience. United Airlines net income went down 34% in an attempt...
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So you think you know Marketing?

This article was written by guest blogger Aaron Zeper. Marie and Aaron spoke at CompTIA ChannelCON 2017 together in Austin, Texas in August. They shared a stage discussing all things marketing. Not everything old is new again. As an entrepreneur in the technology...
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How long does it take for a Content Marketing Strategy to pay off?

You ask. We answer. People have been asking us, “How long it will take to see a return on a content marketing strategy?” Specifically: New lead to opportunity Opportunity to client acquisition Client acquisition to new revenue For many companies the answer...
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Man versus Machine: Which side are you on?

This article was previously published on, written by Marie Wiese, member of Forbes Agency Council. I am an old school marketer: I started my marketing career long before Google, social media or the iPhone. I started marketing just as email and browsers were...
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