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  • Is your website effective?
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  • Do you have a good content marketing strategy?

100% of the companies that have followed Marketing Copilot’s process have better performing websites, lead generation and sales.


Weekly articles about digital marketing and lead generation to help you pump up your program…

Do you really know what it takes to convert traffic online?

Too often people think that just because they got a prospect to “click thru” it means the person will take action when they get to the other side For a long time we worked with small and medium sized business owners who believed traffic to a website equals...
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Understanding Digital Marketing from a Human Perspective Webinar Replay

This webinar was originally featured here on UNDERSTANDING DIGITAL MARKETING Despite a decent amount of time spent and even generations born into the digital age, there still seems to be a disconnect between how we think we should sell and how we...
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Marketing and Innovation: Two core functions of every business

Every business has two core functions- Marketing and Innovation. Can you guess which one people struggle with the most? In my current role as a Growth Advisor for the Spark Centre in Oshawa, Ontario, I have the pleasure of working with early stage companies on their...
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Is your online content any good?

Houston, we have a problem. I might be over simplifying it, but I think if we developed better content as marketers that actually got results, there would be a lot more happy CEOs. Content is misunderstood and undervalued by most executives. They don’t understand the impact of a well-designed and executed content marketing strategy on their brand, lead generation and overall way in which a customer views their business.

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Dear Sales & Marketing: Start saying things prospects need to hear.

There is power in the written (or spoken) word The language you use is important when you’re drafting content or speaking to a prospect. Selling today isn’t just about volume of leads or how many sales calls you make in a day. It’s about how your...
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