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Buyer behavior has changed.
Does your digital content start the sales process?


Your digital content is
the new FIRST sales

We deliver digital marketing programs that improve lead generation and lead nurturing for your business.

If you believe the buyer journey begins online, you
need this Content Marketing Workbook.

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This workbook will guide you through a process to understand
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Content Marketing Digest Canada

Bob, I'm listening. Yes, content marketing works.

Bob, I'm listening. Yes, content marketing works.

By Marie Wiese | Content Marketing Digest Canada, Content Marketing Ideas for B2B | August 17, 2016 | Comments (0)

A gentleman who I shall call Bob (to protect the innocent), runs a successful technology company and he’s been reading our blog for a few years now. We have had the pleasure of speaking several times a year about marketing. He is insightful, an experienced business leader and a phenomenal subject…

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Hiring Marketing Resources - Expectation vs. Reality

Hiring Marketing Resources - Expectation vs. Reality

By Maureen Thorne | Content Marketing Digest Canada | August 17, 2016 | Comments (0)

Businesses need revenue to survive. Because of this intense revenue focus in the first five to seven years of business growth, there is an intense focus on ROI when investing in certain areas of the business. Early-stage and evolving companies usually focus on sales-driven resources because a direct…

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